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Religions Examined

Religion is an extremely sensitive and personal issue. People can be broadly classified on the basis of the religion they follow. While most people follow a particular religion, there are some who follow more than one religion. Then again, there are atheists who do not follow any religion or believe in the existence of God. Life is tough, which is why people have religions to guide them and give their lives greater direction and depth. Different religions have different beliefs and each of them focusses on their own core beliefs while renouncing those of other religions. The following are some of the top religions around the world explained:



Christianity is all about a loving God who has revealed Himself ages ago. Christians have deep faith in Jesus Christ and instead of focusing on religious rituals, they focus on developing a better relationship with God and helping out other people. Christians believe that God loved the world so much that He sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to save the world. During his time on Earth, Jesus was a rather humble preacher and did not claim himself to be a prophet or a teacher. He declared that He is the ‘Light of the World’ and that anyone who believe in Him will have eternal life. Apart from attending masses and church services, Christians also find great strength in reading the Bible.



Buddhism does not believe in the existence of god or gods. Those who do not follow this religion are often under the impression that Buddhists worship the Buddha but in truth, Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama never claimed to be divine. In fact, Buddhists look up to him as their idol and strives to attain what he has attained: spiritual enlightenment and nirvana, i.e. freedom from the continuous cycle of life and death. According to Buddhists, the main cause for suffering is the countless rebirths of people, which is why they seek to end such rebirths. The primary goal of a Buddhist is to purify his/her heart. Buddhists mostly believe in self-discipline, therefore they follow meditation and praying extensively.



Wicca is basically a religion that is centered around the Earth. People following this religion are known as Wiccans. They have great reverence for the Earth, their Goddess and the horned god, the Earth’s consort. Most of the individuals practicing this religion generally do so by themselves, i.e. they are solitary practitioners. However, there are some Wiccans who form small groups called groves, covens, etc. This is a very decentralized religion in the sense that it has its own beliefs, rituals and religious practices. Instead of following the word of a man or a book, Wiccans believe in the power of nature, the moon and the sun.



Rastafari is a religion that is all about God or the Rastaman. Rastafarians follow the beliefs and values of God in their day to day living. This religious movement was born out of the black slums in Jamaica. In case of this religion, the teachings of Marcus Garvey, the Jamaican-born black nationalist and selective scriptures from the Old Testament in the Christian Bible are followed. For Rastafarians, love is everything; according to them, all individuals have two things that they hold dear to their heart, i.e. God and love. Rastafarians also believe that every individual must make the conscious decision of choosing how he/she wishes to live his/her life. They are aware of the fact that they have been put on Earth to serve God.